Salem State University Upward Bound Program

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About Us

The Salem State University Upward Bound Program offers academic instruction, tutoring and enrichment activities throughout the school year and during a four-week summer program. The academic year component requires all program participants to attend after-school services.An individualized academic plan, "Plan for Success," is developed for each student based on his/her prior quarter school grades, standardized testing administered by target schools, teacher/tutor evaluations, and scores on any administered program testing. Each "Plan for Success" is designed to improve students' basic academic skills.Community service and mentoring opportunities are also offered. All program students are also required to participate in a four-week summer residential program held at Salem State University. The host institution allows program participants' access its facilities, which augments the summer experience.Each student is required to participate in formal instruction in mathematics, laboratory science, composition and literature, foreign language, and English-as-second language, if needed. Moreover, students also have the opportunity to participate in weekly workshops and various cultural and educational activities and field trips.