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Being a Team Georgia volunteer is a great way to learn more about wrestling, Team Georgia, USA Wrestling and wrestling opportunities in and outside of Georgia. Volunteers are the key to Team Georgia and the continued growth and success of Georgia Wrestling. Please email me if you can help make a difference and a great experience for everyone. I will also be putting together a volunteers committee of passionate people wanting to help us I encourage everyone to become a volunteer. The committee members need be passionate, contribute a few hours a week from work or home please let me know. There are many, many volunteer opportunities. Most of the volunteers that are needed are people with office or professional skills that can help Team Georgia research, plan and execute strategies that improve wrestling in Georgia. Without passionate volunteers wrestling in Georgia wouldn't be where it is today.

If you would like to be considered for a volunteer please send me an email so that I can begin contacting you and seeing what you can offer to wrestling in Georgia.

Our Mission and Vision is to be one of the premier organization enabling Georgia to be a “Top Tier” wrestling state and expanding participation and promoting excellence in Georgia wrestling.

Team Georgia is an all volunteer organization and is always looking for volunteers. If you are willing to volunteer a few hours a year or a few hours a week, please let us know.