The Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc.

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3760 Park Avenue
United States

About Us

The Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc.'s (CPACS) mission is to counteract issues faced by immigrants, refugees, and racial-ethnic minorities by delivering culturally competent and comprehensive social and health care services.

CPACS was formed in 1980 as a grassroots effort to provide health and social services to the Korean American community in Georgia. As the Asian American community grew and became more diverse in Georgia, CPACS refocused its mission to provide services for all Asian Americans. Today we are also serving a large number of Chinese and Vietnamese clients, as well as diverse groups of refugees from Burma, Cambodia, Somalia, Iraq, and other countries in Africa and Latin America. CPACS provides a multitude of services: youth programs, legal assistance, community education, housing programs, senior services, as well as basic health services, education, and promotion. All of these programs were created in response to needs accessments and intakes from the local community.