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About Us

The Delaware Leadership Project (DLP) is a new, state-approved alternate route to principal certification program for those interested in leading our state’s highest-need urban and rural schools. The 15 months of preparation that aspiring principals receive is specifically tailored to the complex challenge of leading schools that serve low-income communities, a critical component of the Delaware Department of Education’s Race to the Top initiative.

Benefits of the Delaware Leadership Project

  • Practitioner-driven program that utilizes problem-based and action-learning methodologies in the classroom and school residency settings
  • Support is tailored to each aspiring principal's individual learning style and leadership needs
  • Responsive to the realities of the principalship in high-need school environments
  • Aspiring principals will learn to operate both charter and district schools with greater autonomy, and create successful learning environments

DLP will employ a wide range of recruitment strategies and a highly rigorous admissions process to select an elite cohort of outstanding individuals each year from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Tuition is free and aspiring principals are paid a stipend while participating that is competitive with their current teaching salary. Each will be asked to commit 3 years of service as a Delaware principal and/or assistant principal after graduation.

This is a full time program for all 15 months, so those accepted will not be able to continue in their current positions. To progress to graduation, aspiring principals must meet clear school leadership performance standards in each phase of the program.

After assuming new positions as principals or assistant principals, graduates will receive 2 years of coaching and enjoy the support of a strong peer network.

Eligibility requirements include a minimum of three years of teaching experience and a master’s degree.