Pamper the World

About Us

The mission of Pamper the World is to use massage therapy, yoga, meditation and cultural inter-exchange to provide emotional and physical support to individuals and populations living difficult life situations such as

- Individuals suffering from physical handicaps or illness such as Parkinson, Cancer, Fibromyalgia or terminal diseases - Persons victims of violence and torture - Women and children victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse - The elderly - Refugees and populations victims of conflicts

The objectives of Pamper the World are

- To promote tolerance by offering its supports with no regards of race, religion, sex or sexual orientation - To promote integration by building up self-confidence and self-esteem and by improving the well being of others - To bring awareness to different causes by collaborating with other organisations and foundations - To promote education by encouraging the training of personnel specialised in psychology, massage therapy, yoga, meditation and entertainment. - To promote the inter-exchange of culture by organising non-profit social events - To promote civil, cultural and social solidarity

Let's Pamper the World!!!!