Yayasan Peduli Anak Negeri (Care Foundations)

About Us

Yayasan Peduli Anak Negeri (YPAN) is a foundation that cares the surroundings mostly people who are lacking in the field of social, economy, education and culture.

In carrying out his social mission, YPAN does not look at the background of someone’s life as well as race, ethnic, religion, etc. but more emphasize the unity to live and work together and harmoniously to build a comfortable life and finally can be enjoyed by all people.

Let’s Care is the motto of YPAN as symbol of a full care not only to all human being, nature, human resources, and economic level, but also social status in order to create a full and continuous life.

With an open minded and honesty in facing any kinds of situations, YPAN is hoped to gather all supports and sympathies from the society to actively play a role as a means in caring the surrounding with the slogan ‘Let’s Care’. YPAN vision is to create a society who care continuously the aspects of life as well as economy, social, education and culture in order to built a harmonious life.

YPAN mission is to support and stand by the society and groups of society in increasing the ability and skill to survive in economic life, and also to use the natural resource that is balanced with the wide knowledge of the human resource that can protect the existence values, and finally can result in a harmonious life.

This vision and mission is a symbol of care and fair that means an effort to show the feeling of care to all human being, nature, and all surroundings and fair in