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About Us

The “Open History Project" is a grassroots non-profit organization helping people share local experiences around the world. Our team of 80 volunteer editors and translators make OHP available in 21 languages. 

We didn’t like the way the mass media system was built, so we are dismantling it from beneath.

The transfer of individual knowledge from generation to generation is in danger. Concerns and experiences of geographically or politically distant regions of the world are glossed over by mass media, compelled to sell audiences to advertisers. 

The world needs a platform to preserve the dignity and rights of the most vulnerable segment of the population, the elderly and poor populations. It needs a tool for reaching through the bias of media to the words of individuals. Our goal is to help people discover distant stories and network across cultures. 

From Eyewitness to Wechange

Our vision is a world where anyone's story can be heard, where the cries and laughter don't stop at an artificial border. By breaking the silence in traditional media we can expand the range of legitimate discussion and connect our fates together.