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The master's in conflict resolution prepares a person to expand their career opportunities and responsibilities in their current workplace or gives them options to move in new career directions. Conflict professionals work as trainers, consultants, organizational conflict design specialists, human resource managers, mediators and arbitrators, community development and equal opportunity advocates, violence intervention and prevention professionals, and community peacemakers. Physicians have used this master's degree to design better workplace relationships in hospitals, clinics and other locations that medical practitioners interact with families and the community. Corporate leaders have long recognized that collaborative team work which values diversity and difference of opinion is the hallmark of a dynamic and successful organization.

Teachers have organized peer mediation programs in their K-12 classrooms and gone on to mentor students to run their own programs. Probation officers have developed trainings for colleagues in dealing with conflict in nonviolent and peaceful ways, and opened workshops for prison and jail inmates to help them better cope with anger and violence in the future. Therapists and social workers expanded their services to include anger management and family mediation for school and family violence and verbal abuse issues.

Whatever your interest, conflict resolution skills can be brought to play in constructive, and ways that validate people's spirit and opinions. The training in this master's program will give you the tools to communicate better, listen more fully, and design conflict resolution systems that fit a variety of needs. Come and join the journey to more peace and productive families and communities!