Costa Rica

About Us

The AmaTierra Foundation promotes sustainable community development and cultural eco-tourism in Costa Rica.

With the support of local residents and international volunteers, the Amatierra Foundation was created in 2007 to help empower the people of Turrubares, Costa Rica's poorest rural county, through a number of new opportunities and cooperative community programs. As the vision continues to unfold, local community members, foreign residents and municipal government officials have come together to strategize ways to engage the community and develop projects that will best serve the people of the Turrubares county.

The principal projects of the AmaTierra Foundation include:

Recycling and Sustainable Practices Cultural Eco-Tourism Development Environmental Education Artesanry and Handicrafts Spanish-English Language Exchange (New!)

AmaTierra Yoga Retreat and Wellness Center, nestled in the mountains overlooking Costa Rica's Central Valley, features ten private casitas, professional Spa and open-air yoga studio. We offer personalized vacation packages, yoga retreats and opportunities to work as an eco-voluntourist with the AmaTierra Foundation.

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