Le Petit Festival du Theatre Dubrovnik

About Us

Within an incessant myriad of events in Dubrovnik year round, Le Petit Festival du Theatre not only aims, but succeeds in being a unique and outrageous extravaganza that introduces modern, current, updated poetics and aesthetics in different forms of arts and crafts. Presented before an international audience, always and whenever possible, in the presence of and with the participation of artists, writers and designers.

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre has captured the attention of the local and international media. It was reported upon by national television, numerous radio stations; interviews, newspapers and magazine coverage was equally large. The first friends that gathered in Dubrovnik have since grown in number, as has the curiosity of the local population.

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre Dubrovnik, Croatia Founder: Vinko Prizmic Organizers: KMD Dubrovnik, M.M. Brando, M.S. Brill