Programa Velasco

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About Us

Program Velasco is a registered 501 (c) (3), US nonprofit organization which seeks to educate and empower families and children who are enrolled in Centro Hogar, a pre-school run by a Salvadoran non-profit organization, Asociacion Nuevo Amanecer de El Salvador (ANADES). ANADES serves urban and rural marginalized communities through projects focused on pre-school education, community development, public health care, and organic agriculture.

Programa Velasco's mission is to educate and empower children and families to create social change in El Salvador. We seek to live out the values of our three pillars: empower children and families through education, foster spiritual activism in mental health vocations and through a diverse awareness blog called SPEAK: Spiritual Practice Engaging in Activism and Knowledge as well as inspire creativity and leadership in a communal savings and lending project for women. Programa Velasco also connects donors and beneficiaries to create real relationships of solidarity and friendship.