National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force

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About Us

The National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force strives to help children and teenagers stay safe when being online. The technology we have today is amazing and it has many good purposes, however with that, comes safety. Safety is the number one priority of the task force. Teaching our children how to be safe online can prevent many things from happening in the future. The task force provides education, assisstence, awareness, and resources to teens, parents, schools, children, and families across the United States of America. The task force includes professionals in a number of fields including law enforcement, medical, and a number of not for profit organizations as well as many teens, families, and parents. We also work hard to prevent online bullying and Cyberbullying from happening to teens and kids across the country. Cyberbullying is a very dangerous and can cause a lot of hurt to teens having to deal with it.