MInoa Project

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United States

About Us

The Minoa Project is a freshly birthed concept dedicated to providing New York with unique, collaborative exhibitions at which guests can submerge their physical bodies in a multi-sensory array of creative expression. Our name, The Minoa Project, is derived from the ancient civilization that once inhabited the Mediterranean island of Crete; The Minoans.They produced a culture which encouraged creative expression, and the Minoans drew inspiration from their beautiful, relaxed, island environment. The Minoa Project seeks to capture the shared creative spirit in our exhibitions and events. We too draw inspiration from our surrounding environment, which is comprised of New York artists, musicians, performers, and a myriad other creative minds. We want to give these brilliant souls a place to show the public what they've been up to, and revel in each other's artistic majesty. We want to saturate your senses, we want you to experience what you may not have otherwise, and we want to surround you with creative euphoria. We want our guests to experience what we call Minoa.