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About Us

Caleb Missionary Relief Services (CMRS) mission is to break the cycle of poverty in high risk neighborhoods by providing the necessary resources and tools to help students succeed. CMRS has a twenty year track record of success and currently educates, feeds, and provides nutritional support along with spiritual development for three hundred students (grades pre-K through 6th) in Port-de-Paix, Northwest Haiti. CMRS provides the students' uniforms, school supplies, staff development, and raise support for our school. Without the donations that CMRS receives, our youth would not be able to attend school. CMRS also train teams to serve internationally and has led over 25 teams from Metro Atlanta to serve short term in Haiti.

CMRS educate youth along with the general public how to serve the less fortunate through various programs and projects. Schools in Metro Atlanta have made toys with words of inspirations for students in Haiti to encourage hope. Churches and organizations in Metro Atlanta have made students' kits utilizing shoe boxes filled with school supplies, hygiene items, clothing, and toys. These boxes have been distributed at our school in Haiti during Christmas to promote joy and love during this season of giving. Shoe boxes have also been distributed during back to school and as incentives to promote good academic performance.

Young leaders in America are empowered through CMRS internship program that is offered to juniors/seniors from a university or college. Projects for students' interns are designed to develop them professionally, to broaden their world view cross culturally, and to prepare them as servant leaders.

CMRS believes that every child is unique; has a unique purpose, and has unique values. CMRS believes that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed and operates with these basic goals:

(1) Help those so that they can help themselves.

(2) Serve with compassion to encourage hope.

(3) Inspire the public to serve the poor and needy.

CMRS's founder established the organization after taking a missions trip to West Africa and observing multitudes of children not in school. Burden by her observation, CMRS was established to serve students in Atlanta and internationally; to give light in a dark world, and to give hope to the hopeless.