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About Us

Human Compassion is a grass roots, non-profit and non- governmental organization (registered N.G.O) established in 2004 in the Ga West district of Accra, Ghana. t the time of foundation HIV/AIDS stigma in Ghana was running rife, and the organization was founded by three individuals living with the illness as a support group for other people in the same position. Human Compassion today reaches out to a whole community of registered adult members and operates a full time care facility for orphaned HIV+ children.
It is HCO’s fundamental belief that all PLHIV/AIDS are entitled to the same respect, love, opportunities and quality of life as everyone else. We continue to work tirelessly in the fight against HIV/AIDS and TB and are totally committed to the welfare and wellbeing of sufferers within the West Ga District.
Thank you for taking an interest in our plight.
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