The Twenty-First Century Foundation

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132 West 112th Street
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New York
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About Us

Founded in 1971, The Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) is a national foundation that promotes black philanthropy, provides donor education, and makes grants to advance African American community revitalization and youth development.

As one of the few, endowed, African American foundations in the U.S., 21CF's mission is to advance strategic black philanthropy. 21CF works to maximize effective giving through donor education, donor-advised funds and giving circles.

For more than 35 years, 21CF has made grants to support more than 500 grass-roots and national organizations across the country that are committed to civil and human rights, economic empowerment, and addressing the root causes of injustice.

21CF is the only black, endowed foundation with a donor education program specifically designed to harness the power of our collective giving.