Wilsen Initiative (Wi)

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Mathare North

About Us

Mission: Develop young change-makers in informal settlement in Kenya.

Vision: Self-confident young people who inspires change in the society using their talents and skills. Slogan / Tagline: The champion in you… Shared Values: Sharing, Leadership, Creativity, Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship, Peer Education, Volunteering, Role modeling, Team work, Diversity, Determination, Success, Passion, Talent, Skills , Personal Brand and Self-belief.

Wilsen Initiative operates under the three pillars as follows; Project – ICE;

  • INSPIRE: We shall organize and attend motivational sessions at location that shall help the youth improve their self esteem for example attending sessions at renowned places which many youths from informal settlement dread to visit or even hardly get a chance to visit such places. Some of the topics or even field activity under inspire shall evolve around reflection of self, personal branding, creativity, talent utilization.
  • CONNECT: Under connect project we shall use sport as an agent for change starting with a football club. Currently we have Mathare North Rangers F.C which was established in 2011 with the view of nurturing talents and provide leadership skills using the platform to get the youth from indulging in vices that hinders them from developing their talents. The unique aspiration of the club isn’t to play in the premier league but to use the team as a torch for hope in connecting all the tribes in Kenya staring with younger generation. We shall connect with schools, institutions, organization around Kenya especially connecting the urban youth with youth in the rural set ups and also urban to urban connection through exchange programs which will involve football friendly matches and other activities.
  • EDUCATE: We intend to share skills and transfer knowledge from generations through a curriculum developed by experts from diverse backgrounds especially from the informal settlements who have made it to greener pasture in life, the idea is into tap local solutions and understanding from people who live or used to live in the community that faces challenges that we shall work towards uplifting. The training will involve ICT, Leadership, Tolerance, Entrepreneurship, and Peacemaking. We envisage opening a community youth centre where short courses and workshops shall be held connected with a computer lab and a library.

Way Forward

We look forward to forge partnerships with local and international organizations and companies that support youth development in ICT, Sports and Youth Employment / Empowerment etc.

HOW WE INTEND TO DO IT DIFFERENTLY. Our vision is to empower the young people to be critical thinkers and positive change makers in our society through Talent utilization, Networking, Sports, Education and Skills transfer from one generation to the other.

“Mismanagement of talents amongst the young people, this is the major problem we want to tackle in our society”. Founder of Wilsen Initiaive (Wi).

OUR PHILOSOPHY Everybody is a winner; we have something unique that we can do. We believe in Sharing, Creating, Educating, and Inspiring champions in our society.