Urban Edge

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1542 Columbus Ave
Suite 2
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About Us

Urban Edge's mission is to contribute to the building and development of Jamaica Plain and the Egleston Square and Jackson Square sections of Roxbury as a stable, healthy, diverse and economically-mixed community.

We work to achieve this mission by: 7 Producing and preserving affordable housing for ownership and rental; 7 Providing property management services to tenants and co-op members; 7 Producing commercial properties and sponsoring ventures that contribute to the employment and economic well-being of local residents; 7 Organizing tenants and other residents; 7 Supporting youth services.

Integral to all Urban Edge projects and activities are the promotion of equal opportunity, access to housing and employment for local and minority residents. Much of Urban Edge's work is carried out through participation in coalitions and collaborations that share the goal of building the community.