White Roof Project

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601 W 26th St
New York
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About Us

The White Roof Project educates and activates friends and neighbors, supplying them with the information and skills necessary to go green by painting white. White Roof Project is a group of activists turned roofers. We educate the public, research the science of white roof, and motivate volunteers to paint it white!

A White Roof Project is low cost, easy to implement, relieves stress on the power grid, cuts down on smog, and creates tangible change for individuals, our communities, and even globally.

If we were to coat 5 percent of rooftops per year worldwide, we would be finished by 2030. This would save us 24 billion metric tons in CO2. That happens to be exactly how much the world emitted in 2010. So, in essence, this solution would be like turning the world off for an entire year — all while saving people money on their energy bills.

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