Global Recruitment Specialists

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About Us

GLOBAL RECRUITMENT SPECIALISTS - GRS provides personalized, customized, comprehensive, human resource services for organizations with international operations in developing countries.

We specialize in working on senior managment positions that may be hard to fill and we can vary our services depending on the client's needs. For example, we have the expertise to guide the entire selection process to a successful conclusion, or we can provide targeted outreach efforts in a short time frame. Over recent decades we have seen the world become a true global village. GRS receives calls from international organizations around the world in need of experienced, upper-level, professional assistance.

GRS maintains a database of qualified applicants and regularly contacts those in the GRS database when an appropriate employment opportunity arises.

Recruitment costs are paid by the hiring agency. There is never an applicant fee. Applicants for current openings, as well as applicants who would like to be included in the GRS database, are encouraged to send a resume and cover letter to any of the GRS Recruiters addressing relevant education, skills, experience, and areas of interest.

If applying for a current opening, specify in your cover letter how your experience relates to the position for which you are applying.