Phylicia Simone Barnes Foundation Inc.

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About Us

The PSB Foundation Inc was established in 2011 in remembrance of Phylicia Simone Barnes by the Barnes family. Phylicia was a bright 16 year old college bound high school honors student. Born in Atlanta Georgia and raised in North Carolina, Phylicia had the recipe for success tucked under her arm. She was due to graduate in May 2011 from Union Academy in North Carolina a year earlier than most teenagers her age. She planned to move to Baltimore, Maryland where she would continue her education and building her promising future in college studying psychiatry in early childhood education. Unfortunately, Phylicia disappeared on December 28th 2010 while visiting family in Baltimore Maryland for the holidays. She was later found in the Conowingo Dam outside of Baltimore miles away from where she was staying with family, her life brought to an early end. Phylicia lived a short but very meaningful life that impacted, changed and touched the lives of many people. Although Phylicia’s life was brief she left behind a legacy, a story that will be told for years to come. We would like to continue to share that story and touch lives just as she has. Our mission is to aid in raising awareness of cases of missing children and to help those children and others to succeed leading paths of excellence, happiness and fulfillment in life.