Fremont Community School

  • Washington


3530 Interlake Avenue North
United States

About Us

Fremont Community School is an independent, non-profit school providing a multi-age preschool and pre-kindergarten program for children ages 2 ½ through 5 in a progressive early childhood learning environment. Our program is inspired by Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf education curriculum. Our home, which we fondly call “Casa De Colores”, is an ideal haven for curious young minds to grow through play and imagination. The classroom environment works to promote creative play with readily available art supplies, natural wood blocks, puppets, dress-up clothes and trestles. In 2018, we serve 40 children in our morning program (representing 60 families) and 20 children in our afternoon program (representing 30 families). During the summer, we offer morning and afternoon care programs which accommodate 30 children (representing 150 families) and art camps which serve ten children in each week-long camp.



Our mission is to cultivate curiosity, friendship, and wonder through play and exploration of the natural world in a joy-filled home away from home.



Our vision is to nurture each child's own competence by providing a healthy environment where children can collaborate, create, and care for one another.