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About Us

China Care Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation) is a nonprofit organization founded by Matt Dalio, which operates in both the U.S. and China. The Foundation takes in orphans in China who suffer from moderate to life-threatening medical conditions and provides the critical care necessary to save their lives. Most of the children have been abandoned and suffer from birth defects such as cleft lips, clubbed feet, spina bifida and heart conditions. They all require a high level of skilled care during their early weeks and months of life. China Care also strives to empower young people to give of themselves by providing them the opportunity to help these orphans through direct humanitarian service.

The MAJOR PROGRAMS of the Foundation consist of:

The China Care Home at Half the Sky is an interim residential care facility where fragile infants receive superior medical treatment and nurturing after-care. This home is equipped to provide state-of-the-art medical care to as many as 73 children at any given time in our pre and post operation Special Care Nursery and our Family Housing Unit for long-term recuperative care.

The Nursery offers round-the-clock love and care until the children are strong enough to either return to the orphanage or further recuperate and receive ongoing medical treatments at the Family Housing Unit.

While in our care, the children are watched over by doting trained nannies who wipe away their tears, patiently coax smiles onto their faces, and embrace them with soothing hugs. At The China Care Home at Half the Sky, these tiny children who have lost their families and are fighting for their lives, are never again alone in the world.

In addition to the Foundation’s orphan work in China, China Care strives to empower young people through the act of giving of themselves. Students at high schools and colleges across North America have formed more than 40 China Care clubs to raise funds and awareness to help the orphans we care for in Beijing. Through our volunteer program, club members travel to the China Care Home in Beijing to gain hands-on experience in the healing process by meeting and caring for the children living there. The result is a lasting impact on the children they meet as well as on their own lives.