HELP for Peace

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About Us

Health Professionals for Peace is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that operates on just peace principles as it cares for those affected in complex health emergencies, disasters and ensure community health development.

HELP for Peace has served conflict-affected, marginalized communities for more than a decade. Its mission is guided by just peace principles as it ensures survival of persons and communities affected by conflict and disasters. Its flagship program is with the Barefoot Doctors—villagers empowered to care and heal in the hearth of their community.

Vision of help for peace

· To provide health-care in conflict-torn communities · To educate community-based barefoot doctors · To develop an alternative health-care system · To promote international guidelines of civil-military coordination

Mission of help for peace

We wish to see a community of active, educated and healthy villagers ready and able to respond to health threats and emergencies wherever they are and in places they call home. HELP for Peace work with the most vulnerable communities of indigenous persons, persons with disabilities and those in the fringes of society.