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About Us

Our Project:

The project ‘’Bring ‘out-of-school’ children to school’’ is underway promoting education to less privileged children and orphans. It looks to make education accessible by giving teaching services and basic space to allow learning/teaching to take place.

The population of children in the surrounding area grew significantly in 2016- 2017. This has led to higher imbalance in three areas:- teacher to student ratio, student to classrooms ratio and stationary to students ratio. By bringing out-of-school children to school, we hope to reduce involuntary marriages, illiteracy prevalence, child prostitution, drug abuse, early marriages/pregnancies, joblessness and social crimes down by 60% by 2023 and make communities self sustainable and sufficient by 2030. Between January-March 2018 we have lost 42 students into streets due to lack of enough work force /staff, basic learning space and stationary in 2015-2017 that is why we need volunteers/interns helping hands! We need to bring balance and stop. 

Latest Listings

Community Health Worker (Internship)

Computer lab fundraiser: Kenya agenda (Internship)

Orphans caregivers (Internship)

Library fundraiser: Kenya agenda (Volunteer Opportunity)

Painters: Bring out of school children to school (Volunteer Opportunity)

Classroom Fundraiser: Kenya agenda (Volunteer Opportunity)

English Teachers: Bring ‘out-of-school’ children to school (Volunteer Opportunity)