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About Us

edu² - A Scholarship Program for Ethiopia.

edu² is an innovative non-profit start-up connecting ambitious Ethiopian students with the local private sector. We provide full scholarships in combination with an extensive extracurricular course program and the opportunity to gain experience abroad to selected, financially needy Master students at Ethiopian universities. The extracurricular course program comprises additional trainings and workshops to foster the scholars' soft skills and promote their personal development, which have been identified as the main constraints to their immediate job placing at Ethiopian companies. By integrating locally active companies into the program through funding and joint activities, the scholars will get in touch with their future employers at a very early stage. In addition, foreign experts will be invited to teach and host workshops not provided by the locally available experts. In the end, both parties will benefit from this program: The scholars will be enabled to utilize their full potential and the partner companies will be provided with exclusive access to excellent graduates to boost their business.

The vision of edu² is to bridge the current mismatch between the industry’s demand and the university education and to establish the approach of companies directly promoting the educational system and communicating their needs. This intention is in line with the Ethiopian governments policies and supplements its current efforts. Since the program focuses on the education and training of future leaders, the alumni of the program are intended to serve as role models and multipliers of this mindset within the Ethiopian society – and therefore changing and improving the social fabric as a whole.