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About Us

The Giving Kitchen, a three-year-old non-profit organization in Atlanta, welcomes applicants for its Executive Director position. We encourage all applicants to familiarize themselves with the history and mission of the organization on the about, media and news & events tabs on our website,  

The Giving Kitchen (TGK), was formed as a 501(c)(3) to fill the need for a crisis grant program in the restaurant community — as a way to do for others what the community came together to do for Ryan and Jen Hidinger.

The organization provides emergency assistance grants to cover basic living expenses and funeral expenses for those who meet defined criteria and serves as a referral source in the metro Atlanta restaurant community for human services to those in need.

To help ensure its own sustainability, The Giving Kitchen has a unique hybrid structure as a nonprofit with a for-profit subsidiary. The for-profit subsidiary is Staplehouse — a casual fine- dining restaurant located in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward. Staplehouse’s business plan includes a commitment that net profits will be channeled back to its nonprofit parent, as an ongoing stream of support. Staplehouse is managed by its own board of directors, but there is constant communication between the restaurant’s leadership and the TGK ED.

In addition to Staplehouse, TGK has several strong sources of support: restaurants and their employees; the extended restaurant industry; restaurant patrons; generous Atlantans (and others!) who give out of love for restaurant world; and hundreds of attendees of fundraising events benefitting TGK, including our own signature fundraising party, Team Hidi.