Community Outreach & Development Africa (COD-Africa)

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About Us

WHO WE ARE: Community Outreach and Development Africa (COD- Africa) is the Christian focused and mission driven Nonprofit Organization that works to improve the life of poor children, women and Youth in Uganda. COD-Africa works in 5 districts across Uganda, working in areas largely unreached by other organizations.

WHO WE SERVE: We serve to empower the women, Children and Youth to pursue their own pathways of change and become self-reliant through Partnership with local Churches. Currently we have 35 churches with work with in different districts in Uganda.

OR FOCUS: Our focus is to provide the practical support by empowering them to pursue their own pathways of change and become self-reliant in a community. We are serving God by advancing the well-being of children, youths, families and communities through partnerships with Like-minded local churches and local communities in Uganda.

Core interventions: We seek to:

  1. To build a strong, self-reliant youths and families that will be able to stand on their own in the community.
  2. To advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in communities
  3. To bring Healing and Restoration by providing a loving and acceptable community for children and youths.

Our cherished Core valves

  • We are Christian and Committed to the word of God
  • We have Integrity by emulating Jesus Christ
  • We share equal opportunity
  • We Reach out and Serve together
  • We are stewards

How does the COD-Africa accomplish its mission? At COD-Africa we serve the spiritual, physical, socio-emotional and cognitive needs of the women, Children and Youth. We achieve this through our core initiatives;

  • Establish a comprehensive Youth Discipleship program.
  • Reaching out to the community through medical mission outreaches and Evangelism.
  • Visit local church partners and strengthen ministry collaboration
  • Facilitate youths camps with our local partner churches
  • Provide scholastic material to needy children
  • Distribute bibles to children and youths in schools and communities
  • Train and empower youths in small business development
  • Hosting short mission teams from USA and other countries
  • Empower women and youth in income generating activities
  • Support girls with sanitary pads to stay in schools