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About Us

About Us


The California Council of Community Mental Health Agencies (CCCMHA) promotes comprehensive, responsive, and integrated service systems by enhancing the ability of nonprofit member agencies to provide mental health services that empower the people we serve to lead full and productive lives.


Since its inception in 1985, CCCMHA has endeavored to provide each agency executive with the support, assistance and camaraderie that can help make a difference in the often-difficult task of running a nonprofit mental health agency. Like many of your agencies, CCCMHA has grown dramatically over the years. As CCCMHA has expanded, our responsibilities and mandates have also increased exponentially.

In 1999 CCCMHA was instrumental in the design and implementation of a pioneering, three county program that served homeless people, parolees and probationers with serious mental illness. Using aggressive outreach and a "whatever it takes approach" to match services to client needs, these programs achieved significant clinical outcomes for those served and saved millions of dollars by reducing hospitalization and incarceration costs.

The passage in 2004 of Proposition 63, the Mental Health Services Act, was CCCMHA's proudest moment. It was not an easy decision for CCCMHA's board to commit such substantial resources to this effort when hardly anyone thought an idea such as this had a chance; however, their strong belief in the need to adequately fund mental health services prevailed, and it was largely through the advocacy efforts of this association that the Act was passed by the voters of CA. The passage of Proposition 63 has raised hopes and expectations throughout California, and while it will take years to fully realize its benefits Proposition 63 it will make an enormous difference in the lives of those who have heretofore been unable to access critically needed mental health services.

The year 2009 saw the beginning of an economic downturn that has repeatedly threatened the funding for mental health services in this state. CCCMHA is working diligently with the larger stakeholder community to protect the funding base and ensure that as the public system grows through the implementation of national healthcare reform and behavioral health parity, there are adequate resources to meet the needs of those with a mental illness.