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About Us

The Greatest Generations Foundation, is an International non-profit educational organization, committed to assisting our country’s combat Veterans revisit the sites of their battlefield campaigns. These courageous groups include Generations of men and women who fought in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Their dedication and bravery must never be forgotten, nor should the value of their deeds be allowed to disappear into the annals of history.

The Foundation is devoted to providing veterans of our nations’ wars something we call “Battlefield Remembrances”. Our purpose is to support and sponsor trips for war veterans to go back to the very battlefields where they risked everything for what was right and saw their colleagues lay down their lives for a noble cause. This experience will bring closure for some, tears to most, and peace to the hearts of many.

It is for this that we embark on this endeavor, to give our veterans around the globe the opportunity to relive their battles, come home with fresh vigor armed with stories for their grandchildren, and to serve as an historical window into the warring past. We believe we will be able to bring about an historical truth that is unassailable and allow our veterans, who gave so much, the opportunity to feel deeply respected as ever living HEROES!

The history that lies in the minds of the war veteran should never go untapped. When one meets a war veteran, there is an instant feeling of comfort and security. Unlike television or movie depictions of war these real soldiers stood in harm’s way while bullets and bombs hurtled around them yet they did their jobs in anonymity, and we are free because of their heroism. And if one will simply listen, what stories they could tell!