Safe Passage

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43 Center Street
Suite 304
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About Us


Safe Passage is dedicated to creating a world free of domestic violence and relationship abuse.

  • We support survivors and their families.
  • We engage our community.
  • We advocate for systemic change.


Safe Passage is Hampshire County's leader in addressing the impact and promoting prevention of domestic violence. We envision peace, prosperity, safety and justice for individuals, families and community, free of violence and coercion. To that end we serve as a leader and convener of individuals, organizations, businesses, and government in the broad work to address domestic violence and to work toward prevention.

Guiding principles

Our work is based in a sociological analysis that names sexism and racism as societal conditions that lead to and promote domestic violence. Ending domestic violence will require social change at all levels – from individual attitudes and behaviors to social norms and policies. Our work is based on the mission, vision, and these guiding principles.

  • We are survivor-centered and trauma-informed.
  • Survivors of domestic violence deserve justice and safety in all forms.
  • Healing is possible and without limitations.
  • It is our responsibility to be accessible to all communities and populations.
  • We understand that domestic violence may impact every aspect of a person's life.
  • We evolve and change based on emerging research and best practices.
  • We believe that everyone has an important role in ending domestic violence.
  • We understand our work as part of the work to dismantle all forms of oppression.
  • We commit to leading efforts toward social change at all levels.

Assumptions about domestic violence

  • Violence is preventable
  • Violence is a learned choice that is not about loss of control, but about exerting control over another person.
  • Prevention requires work toward social change.