Asociación CREAR

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About Us

Our Mission:

The mission of La Asociación CREAR is to highlight the importance of a holistic education in rural Costa Rica by combating educational inequality and social limitations through the expansion of our free programs focused on creativity, language development, critical thinking and economic empowerment. 

Our Vision:

Our vision is a community of empowered, self-motivated, responsible, and employable individuals.

Our Program:

CREAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to supplemental education for the youth of Playa Samara and El Torito. Given that the local public schools have limited resources and children attend school for an average of only 3 hours a day, 85 days a year, there is a great need for an educational program outside of school hours. Nearly 200 days out of the year, we offer English classes, art classes, a girl's empowerment course, and much more; all to improve the holistic education of our area's youth. 

Please visit our website at for more information on what we do and how you can become involved!