Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International


14 Great College Street

United Kingdom

About Us

EPDI is an international professional network with the ultimate objective of Informing economic policy and legislation for the benefit of the whole national economy. It achieves its aim by strengthening democratic consultative mechanisms, forming transparent and effective relationships between enterprises, parliamentarians and civil society devising national models, taking into account the national characteristics facilitating different parties so they reach consensus without any actor losing any face, its ability to help different actors to grasp the realities of complex issues, its transparency and neutrality without any lobbying efforts or hidden agenda. The Program of the EPDI was first established in 1977 in the UK and due to its effectiveness and transferability to different national contexts, it spread to Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, the US and other 10 contexts. Furthermore, EPDI developed its Emerging Democracies Program for Armenia, Georgia, and Moldova and Oman.