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About Us

It starts at the kitchen table. There we discuss our future: for ourselves and our communities. These conversations rarely shape the national dialogue, the details are messy, and we don’t agree on every issue. But together, these conversations represent a shared vision for the country. The fact is, we are not as divided as we are made out to be.

At Conversation Starters, we believe in strengthening communities by bringing our kitchen table talks to the public square. We do this by hosting events and programming around the country, but most importantly by creating a spotlight for individuals and organizations. Your ideas deserve a seat at the table.

We strive to reshape, redefine, and reclaim the national conversation. Monopolized by one or two divisive issues, the national discourse is closed to a broader coalition of voices -- big and small, liberal and conservative.

We are proud of innovative programming that brings local, regional, and national partner organizations together. From youth entrepreneurship, to art extension, to “Together at the Table” coalitions, in cities and small towns, we work to grow conversations and create real value for the places we call home.

Our partners are earnest in their belief in tomorrow. Working together, we can broaden the conversation, allowing for the diversity of voices we need to move forward. In America we operate under shared, enduring values. By leading with these values, we can grow a uniquely American conversation.

Take your seat at the table. We believe it’s time you had a hand in shaping the national conversation.