Community Resource Project, Inc.

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About Us

Our mission at Community Resource Project, Inc. is to improve opportunities for people in need through Housing, Health, and Education. We are a non-profit organization which provides an opportunity to improve energy efficiency and reduce the impact of energy costs on a family’s household budget.We recognize that energy costs often make up a very substantial portion of a household’s expenditures. In times of need, many families struggle to meet their energy bill obligations. Through the Home Energy Assistance Program, (HEAP) we provide eligible individuals and/or families with a one-time credit to their utility bill, available one time per year. With this credit also comes education about energy conservation, budgeting, and suggestions for easy-to-implement measures to reduce energy use in the home known as Weatherization.

Weatherization measures improve a home’s energy efficiency and subsequently lowers utility costs. Energy savings measures also contribute to reducing the effects of global warming and creating a sustainable environment. Creating a sustainable and environmentally-friendly community is key to the work of the Housing Division.