Genspace NYC Inc.

  • New York


140 32nd Street
Suite 108
New York
United States

About Us

We support innovation, outreach and education in the biosciences by making the practice of biotech accessible to all. In 2009 Genspace established a new education paradigm by founding the world’s first nonprofit community biotechnology laboratory. We have a 750 sq ft public facility in Brooklyn, New York where we promote science literacy and innovation by providing access to hands-on research through low-cost lab memberships, which provide inventors, students and hobbyists access to equipment, supplies and mentorship to carry out early proof-of-concept experiments safely. We have introduced hundreds of New York area students and adults to hands-on participation in wetlab research and given them the training, facilities and mentoring to pursue their own projects. Genspace has a diverse community of supporters that includes intellectually curious people from all walks of life. This is reflected in our rich array of activities that include classes for the general public, collaborations with local science education programs and professional scientists, a popular art/science lecture series, participation in science and art expositions, and a monthly bioentrepreneur gathering. Genspace was named one of the ten most innovative education providers of 2014 by Fast Company magazine. We have been profiled by the New York Times, BBC News, Dan Rather Reports, Nature and Science magazines, the Discovery Channel, and many others.