Greenspace NCR, Inc.

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About Us

Greenspace NCR, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating the region’s green economy, catalyzing green policies, and stewarding green communities. Leveraging an exceptional network of regional public, private and non-profit partnerships, Greenspace builds the skills, knowledge and capacity of professionals, policymakers and the public to create ground breaking green communities. Greenspace is evolving from GreenHOME, whose mission was to make affordable housing and its neighborhoods green.

GreenHOME was a leader in creating and passing the groundbreaking DC Green Building Act, and came to understand that new policies alone were not enough to accomplish the scale of the impact we were seeking. GreenHOME worked with affordable housing professionals to achieve successful implementation of those green development policies. GreenSPACE has grown beyond the scope of GreenHOME to leverage collaborations with an exceptional network of some of the region’s key public, private and non-profit partners producing programs and policies to develop industry-wide capacity among development professionals. This ultimately results in fulfilling our goals of developing the skills and competence required to improve the performance of buildings, landscapes, business practices and policies, ultimately resulting in green communities.

Over the next year, Greenspace will construct the DC region’s first green learning and resource center. This new 13,000 square foot space in Washington, D.C.—designed to meet LEED platinum standards— will be a place to showcase ideas, approaches and resources, as well as build the skills and relationships necessary, to create our green communities. Greenspace will house innovative programming, trainings and demonstrations that articulate pathways for green businesses and job creation, enhance the performance of existing buildings and landscapes, engage the community in creating and supporting green policies that are affordable and sustainable, and cultivate a robust network of cross-sector learning and action.