Groundwork Hudson Valley

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About Us

Our mission is to change places and change lives. We change places every year through on-the-ground, tangible improvements to communities and neighborhoods. We line streets with trees, create gardens on empty lots, remove graffiti and paint murals, and improve parks and playgrounds. We also leverage community resources by coordinating collaborative projects. Our Saw Mill River Coalition involves public agencies, schools, nonprofits, and homeowners throughout the river's watershed in Westchester County.

We are also committed to making environmental education and healthy living accessible to all. The Science Barge is a Groundwork Hudson Valley run program that helps us make that happen. The Science Barge is a prototype urban sustainable farm that floats on the Hudson River. Last year, we were host to over 150 teachers for professional development, 3,200 school students and 7,000 public visitors! We are always exposing new people to urban agriculture, hydroponics, renewable energy systems, and other science-based educational activities. The Science Barge runs from April-November and can be found at 99 Dock Street in Yonkers, NY.

Foremost, we are dedicated to community self-help and empowerment. All of our projects engage local residents in hands-on projects, from design to planting. Many of them are intergenerational or integrated into the school system.