Children Sure House Foundation

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About Us

Our mission is to serve as a community resource for educational development by integrating technology and innovation within the education and health sector.

We work closely with families and orphanages to provide the necessary needs for their focus on personal and professional empowerment. CSHF creates comprehensive food, healthcare and educational programs to promote sustainability in the community.​

Primary Goals


Children Sure House Foundation believes in using innovative ways to create sustainable structures for housing. Shipping containers are an under utilized resource for under-developed countries and offer a unique opportunity to address housing and other structural needs.

Shipping Containers are readily available in every single port in every country by the thousands. Containers are eco-friendly, affordable, and reliable, and suitable for housing developments. CSHF promotes self-empowerment and creates economic opportunities for local volunteers by providing education and training on the construction and welding processes of shipping containers.


CSHF is dedicated to providing educational resources to orphanages, families and overall communities in under-served areas. We work to provide new technologies to educational programs that offer depth to their learning experiences. Our school programs offer free admission and free meals to young students. Our community center will also offer training programs and extend to counseling for job seekers and students seeking advanced degrees.


CSHF addresses the larger community needs for proper healthcare through medical missions, education, and prevention programs. We focus on treatment and prevention for orphans and families carrying the HIV/AIDS virus. In our quest to save lives, we organize medical missions and educational programs for communities lacking the resources.

HEALTH THROUGH CLEAN WATER: Our organization has focused on creating easy-access to innovative ways to build clean water wells and educating communities on the importance of using clean water for everyday activities and healthy living.

---------------------------------------------------- Please visit our website to learn more about our projects, missions, and open opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you.