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About Us

The Institute of Psychology is committed to providing quality undergraduate education and graduate education in the areas of Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. All programs offer didactic, research, and applied experiences designed to be consistent with the Boulder Model of Scientist/Practitioner Psychology Training. An objective of this approach is to provide a breadth and depth of training that is intended to maximize opportunities for professional functioning in industry, health care, and post-doctoral training. Nationally, there are many psychology programs grounded in professional practice or, alternatively, scientific research. Few manage to strike and maintain a balance of these interests in which research serves to inform and freshen professional practice. This distinctive blend of programs with their applied research orientation affords us a unique opportunity for bridging business, industry, health care, and human resources, as well as individual and family life. Our three graduate programs and our scientifically based undergraduate program share a focus on improving quality of life and functioning, be it in the work setting or at home in which optimization of human potential is a shared goal.