African Community Organization

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9731 Mandan Road
Unit 304
United States

About Us

The African Community Organization is new. It is the grandchild of an elstwhile organization called the Sierra Leone Community Organization that is now defunct. Our mission - which is to establish an African advocacy organization in the Washington Metropolitan area that would become the voice for Africans. The aim is to organize Africans into a formidable force to fight for our rights as immigrants in this country, just as the Latinos and other immigrant groups. No one of us can fight his/her own battle alone and win. We must join forces together as a community to make our voices heard

The organization is now legally established. It is registered with the State of MD and is recognized by the Federal Government/IRS as a nonprofit charitable organization with a 501 (C) (3) status. This means we have the authority to raise funds, apply for grants and government projects that would bring assistance to members of our community. It also means that those who make contributions to ACO or donate to the organization can legally claim such donations from their tax returns, the same way as the donations you make to your church or your favorite charity. Please make ACO your favorite charitable organization and, encourage others to do so.

What we plan to do - we will seek grants, organize fund raising, apply for projects, etc. to enable us to raise funds to establish the African Community Resource Center, The African House - that will become a one stop shop for all Africans. The Center will provide training in various areas for our members, help our kids and young people to have a place to go to learn about African culture, engage in meaningful activities such as reading, doing homework, being mentored by African role models, engage in diversionary programs such as games, computers, workouts, etc. that would take their minds away from crime, violence, drugs, and truancy. The center would assist members with job skills training; resume preparation, career development, legal advice, information sharing, advice and assistance with immigration, healthcare, insurance, property ownership, domestic counseling, entertainment, and many more.

Your kids and teenagers also have a place to go and feel at home. They can hang out with their peers and be free from bullying, intimidation, drugs, violence, crime and other unsafe places or company such as hanging out on the streets corners after school, getting involved in gang related activities. They will learn from their elders and other role models in our community. There will be plenty of highly educated African volunteers to help our kids with science, mathematics, English, etc. They will be exposed to their African culture and learn their African history. As a result, our kids will become more socially responsible and become more rounded personalities when they grow up.

Join us. Call Bobby on 301 821 3813, Bockarie on 301 3189938, Rev. Sinnah on 443 763 6289, or Regina at 240 535 0291. All Africans and friends of Africans are welcom