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About Us

Occupy Kitchen is a space for breaking bread and building communities that is open to everyone. From our camp kitchen at Zuccotti Park to our weekend potlucks at Union Square, we've been providing a space for people to share delicious meals and good conversation for over 2 years now. We nourish the grassroots movement to free America from corporate control and create a fairer economic system for hardworking people.

We believe that access to good, healthy food is a universal human right. We strive to sustainably provide food to the Union Square community. Almost half the food produced in the United States is thrown away. We believe this waste is flagrantly disrespectful to the environment and the millions of people in this country who cannot afford healthy food. Our response to this waste is to make use of it. Food is donated to us from businesses and residents in the community that want to see something good happen to it.

We need help getting the word out to the local community, as well as help with food and labor donations. We especially need people to cook and prepare food and bring it to Union Square . We invite all artists, visionaries, activists, concerned residents, foodies, etc. who can imagine the world operating in a way that promotes peace, justice, dignity and mutual aid. NOTE: If you plan to come by to drop off food, it is be best to CALL before heading over. We sometimes run late because we're busy trying to cook, prepare, clean up and pack the food. Phone #: [[tel:646-470-3890|646-470-3890]] Thanks! Hopefully see you in the park!

Where: Union Square 14th St., Manhattan, NYC

When: Most Saturdays and Sundays

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