The Crossing Borders Project

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About Us

Through the use of documentary photography and participating in photography workshops, The Crossing Borders Project encourages citizens to generate their own voice, rather then others doing it for them. Participants capture images to reflect their lives, their interests, and their stories to share across borders.

We help to create visibility to key issues such as isolation, poverty, injustices, social concerns, health, and environmental. We have started a program that encourages change based on the represented voice of each group. If they want green, we help them learn to raise the money, and buy trees then to plant them and take care of them. If they want a facial and hair cuts because they are downtrodden from the life in war zones, we find others who will donate an hour in a health spa with time for relaxation.

The Crossing Borders Project believes in positive results one step at a time.

If your organization would like this type of project to help create your voice or visibility to your projects contact us.