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About Us

We talk about save the whale, save the reef, but we continue to pollute our water and force these marine and aquatic lives to live in it. Today there are so many chemicals used in our day to day lives, which weren’t even invented 10-15 years ago. What’s more we even drink this toxic water because these chemicals were approved without any study of health impact or even a regulatory limit on how much can be in present in water.

STW™  Mission

The mission of Save The Water is to conduct water research to identify and remove harmful contaminants in water; and to raise public awareness about water contamination and its health impact.

STW™  Vision

The vision of STW™  is 'Contamination free, healthy water for all'.

Core focus

  • To conduct water research to identify harmful chemicals in water,
  • To raise public awareness about water contamination and its health impact.
  • To innovate technology to remove these chemicals in water.

Please review our web site at to learn more about Save the Water™  or contact us at

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