Georgia Budget and Policy Institute

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About Us

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that strives to raise the level of public policy debate in the state of Georgia. GBPI uses research, analysis and education to advance policies and practices that improve the quality of life for all Georgians.

GBPI works to positively affect the lives of Georgians. Through GBPI's fact-based research we educate policy makers, the media, and all Georgians about the importance of a fair and adequate tax system, affordable health coverage, and policies that expand opportunity and economic success for Georgians.

Each year, the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute:

■Releases dozens of fact-based reports on critical issues affecting Georgia's financial future. ■Educates legislators regarding tax, budget and policy implications of upcoming legislation. ■Serves as the statewide media's trusted source for reliable information regarding fiscal issues. ■Provides research and recommendations that are featured in dozens of articles and editorials. ■Addresses groups around the state about the Georgia budget and corresponding policy issues.