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About Us

The Minnesota Autism Center uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. ABA is a natural science approach to understanding behavior. ABA is the use of behavior analytic methods and research findings to change socially important behaviors in meaningful ways. Since the early 1960's, hundreds of researchers have documented the effectiveness of ABA principles and methods for building a wide range of important skills and reducing problem behavior in individuals with autism and related disorders of all ages.

The Minnesota Autism Center is staffed by behavioral specialists who provide individualized intervention to children and youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders. MAC services include: • Assessments • Early Intervention • School Age Program The Center's activities are directed by a team of experienced doctoral level psychologists working in conjunction with an executive director. Therapy is implemented by a team consisting of a Clinical Supervisor (typically an M.A. level trained therapist) with overall responsibility for designing therapy methods; a Lead Therapist (a B.A. to M.A. level trained therapist) who translates the individualized treatment plan into specific therapeutic procedures; and 2-3 Behavioral Therapist (B.A. to M.A. level therapists) who implements the plan with the child and family. Total therapy time varies from 15-40 hours per week depending on child characteristics, family preference and funding mechanisms. Program data is collected and analyzed to determine therapy effectiveness and progress. The input of parents and caregivers regarding their child's goals is an essential part of the intervention process.