Center for Hope and Healing-Newport

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About Us

We provide individual, child, and family psychotherapy using a mindful focus of developing compassion and empathy for ourselves and others to facilitate conscious change. Through the development of minfullness and insight, we assist our clients in learning and strengthening their inner resources to create conscious positive change. Whether your focus is on healing from childhood trauma or a sudden life-changing event now, the Center for Hope and Healing will support you in regaining a new balance and peace once again.

CHH provides diverse programs for both healing and prevention, including: Family Therapy; Couples Counseling; Individual Therapy; Play Therapy for Children; Creative Counseling for Adolescents; and Pre-Pregnancy and Parenting Classes. In addition, in partnership with many marriage and family therapy programs, CHH provides mentoring and training to the next generation of caring, ethical therapists, blending the science of interpersonal neurobiology with the art of compassionate counseling.