OIC International: FarmServe Africa

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About Us

OIC International (OICI), headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has the mission of helping others to help themselves through training of rural people in Africa. OICI is currently seeking US farmers, extension agents, businessmen, researchers and other agricultural specialists to serve in our exciting FarmServe Africa (FSA) program. FSA sends volunteers to Africa in exchange for three to six weeks of their time to teach African farmers how they too can be productive and profitable. OICI seeks open-minded and adaptable applicants who have practical skills that meet the needs identified by farmers, cooperatives, organizations and our field staff. Guaranteed experience of a lifetime.

Currently accepting FarmServe Africa volunteer applicants with skills in the following areas: Business Planning Farm Management Record Keeping Agroindustrial Farming Value Chain Business side of Farming Marketing Farm Marketing Cooperatives Marketing Packaging Internet and Computers

Please visit our website to download an application!