Hogar Nueva Granada

About Us

The Hogar Nueva Granada is a private non-for-profit institution, founded by the Colegio Nueva Granada community on February 29 of 2000 as part of their social commitment program. The Hogar Nueva Granada was proposed as a solution to the dire conditions of the poor children within the country, such as: the lack of availability of education, the high drop-out rates in public schools, the semi-abandonment of children, the high rates of malnutrition and lack of basic social services such as health and emotional well-being.

The Hogar offers preschool and basic primary education to children between two and thirteen years of age.

Additionally, as we understand that offering them basic education is by no means enough, we also enrich their environment to allow them to take the best advantage of their learning.

Therefore, the Hogar Nueva Granada offers nutritional reinforcement in the form of three daily meals, programs for parent improvement, and security in the form of medical, psychological and dental services for the children and their community. We also have a center specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities.