The School Club Zambia

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About Us

The School Club Zambia is a vibrant grassroots charity working to support Zambia's vulnerable community schools and their pupils. Community schools suffer from two main problems - they are often severely isolated from other schools and they are drastically under-resourced, often operating on budgets of less than K1,000 a year. How do we tackle this problem? As an innovative and forward thinking organisation we know that schools are crucial in shaping the futures of young people. Many schools have tried and failed to run small businesses to generate income for themselves and at the same time offer vocational training opportunities for pupils. The School Club Zambia recognises that many of these school-run businesses fail as they do not have access to start-up capital or proficient training, so we were formed to bridge this gap. We also know that businesses are five times more likely to succeed if they are mentored and have access to networking opportunities. Zambia currently has an under or unemployment rate of 80% whilst less than 10% of community school pupils finish their education.

We have been in operation since November 2011 and are currently working with four community schools in the Southern and Central Provinces directly impacting more than 1'400 people. We are dedicated team of staff, volunteers and trustees in the UK and Zambia who believe that every young person has the right to a quality, creative and entrepreneurial education.

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